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PVC drainage pipe installation process
Time:2015-10-29    Source:    Views:2830

How to install PVC drainage pipe is the key to ensure the engineering quality, improve the service life of the pipe, and the service life of the pipe is the key, and the installation process of the PVC drain pipe is arranged.

An installation before seriously familiar with the drawings, see Shi built structure diagram, decoration construction drawing, diagram of professional equipment, check the PVC drain pipe coordinate high cross, arrangement of pipes for the space is reasonable, problems in a timely manner and design and personnel to study and solve for changes to the record of negotiation.

Road off to flush the tube, special pipe break tool (scissors, cutting machine) prior to bonding with socket into the first test, may not be fully inserted, generally bearing the mouth of 3 / 4 depth test in qualified after, with cotton the socket for part of the adhesive moisture, dust wipe clean. If there is a need to remove oil from oil. Adhesive coated with brush, apply socket after the smear socket, then forced vertical insertion, insertion of the bonding would bear the slight rotation, to facilitate the adhesive evenly distributed, about 30 seconds to a minute can firm bonding. Immediately after the spill will be spilled adhesive agent.

Three, PVC drainage pipe should be installed according to the design of coordinates, elevation, slope direction to determine the drainage site cable tray, hanger. After all the adhesion, the pipe should be straight, the slope is uniform, the reserved mouth position is accurate. After the completion of the dry pipe installation should be closed water test, after passing the reserved hole sealing and sealing.

Four, floor pipe installation

(1) according to the design position of pipeline system, and sanitary facilities, combined with drainage equipment size and drainage tube nozzle construction requirements, with the structure of civil construction, on the walls, beams and floor reserved nozzle or reserved pipe fittings;

(2) check the location and size of the holes in each of the reserved holes and to be run through;

(3) according to the center line pipe direction and the pipe markers were measured, drawing the sample map, and specify the size;

(4) according to the measured sample map selected qualified pipes and fittings, tubing and pipe for cutting. The preparation of prefabricated pipe should be completed after the sample drawing check nodes and pipe size toward the interface;

(5) in the form of a supporting member and a fixed bracket, the specification and quantity of supporting parts are determined by the specification;

(6) civil wall painting, the materials and prefabricated pipe segment to installation site, according to the reserved nozzle position and the center line of the pipeline, which are in turn mounted pipes and expansion joint and connected each nozzle;

(7) in the need to install the fire tube or stop the fire ring of the floor, the first fire tube or stop the fire trap in the pipe section, and then pipe interface connection.

(8) the pipe shall be installed in the bottom layer, and the pipe is installed, and the pipe is installed, and the pipe is installed;

(9) piping system installation is completed, the appearance quality of the pipeline and installation size check and double checked for accuracy after the water test.

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